Grass Carpet (2mx20m)


Grass Carpet offers 2 different uses both with events and temporary grass protection in mind. It comprises of a plastic mesh bonded to a hard wearing geotextile. Depending on which of these is facing the ground the uses would be as follows.

Option 1 • Geotextile on top

With the geotextile facing upwards the mesh provides a stable, clean surface for pedestrians to walk on. Ideal for guests at a party or wedding or potential clients at a trade fair. Grass Carpet is perfect in and around Gazebos or any other highly pedestrianised areas preventing your event becoming the undesirable muddy mess that all organisers fear. Due to the quick installation Grass Carpet is ideal should you discover a poor weather forecast in the weeks leading up to your event.

Option 2 • Plastic mesh on top

With the mesh facing upwards Grass Carpet provides extra support for temporary road ways or tracks. Once installed the carpet is available for immediate temporary use setting it aside from the standard Grass Protection that we offer. The geotextile fabric prevents the interlocking of grass with the mesh meaning at the end of your event this product can be simply rolled up and stored ready for repeated use.

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Weight 96 kg
Dimensions 20000 x 2000 x 14.5 mm


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